Individual massage

Talk to our expert staff about your wishes prior to your massage. Their experience and techniques allow for many different combinations of massages and a treatment tailored especially to your needs.



Individual massages

Ayurveda Rhyner

We offer 4 Ayurveda Rhyner treatments which were developed by Hans H. Rhyner (MD, PhD), one of the leading Ayurveda pioneers in Europe, together with and exclusively for Rogner Bad Blumau.

·         Abhyanga – full body massage with Ayurvedic oil

·         Ayurvedic leg treatments

·         Ayurvedic treatments for head, neck and shoulders

Ayurveda Rhyner treatments

Special massage

Soothing treatments for your back – back massages according to Breuß combined with manual therapy according to Dorn.



Special massage