Sea air

Relaxing in the “DeadSea” grotto

€ 16,-

What is special about our “DeadSea” grotto is that the walls, the ceiling as well as the floor consist entirely of salt from the Dead Sea. This unique salt does not only contain numerous minerals but also a high amount of health promoting substances such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium chlorides. These are released from the salt during the 45-minute treatment and positively influence our body from the outside as well as from the inside. Calcium, for example, is important for the elasticity of muscles. It also plays a major role in regulating the cellular metabolism and helps to lower the arterial pressure. Potassium has a positive influence on cardio-vascular functions. Magnesium stimulates the immune system as well as physical and mental performance. It can also help to ease tiredness and stress.

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Insider’s Tip

Guided relaxation in the "DeadSea" grotto € 19.00 per person.

Maritime climate cabin

€ 19.00 for 2 people

Let us take you to the beach. Brine fog and ionised oxygen cleanse your airways during the 20-minute treatment. The binding of moisture in the upper layers of your skin is a perfect anti-aging treatment. Dead Sea salt has a healing effect and promotes stress relief.

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Deep relaxation in AlphaSphere

€ 25,-

Deep blue and unique in its design - this is how the newest innovation in terms of relaxation at Rogner Bad Blumau presents itself: AlphaSphere by “Sha”.The exceptional combination of colour, form and light with sound, vibration and warmth allows your body to deeply relax. During the 23 minutes you will spend inside the AlphaSphere, your mind and body become light and free. “Sha”, whose name is actually Andreas Rodler, describes the AlphaSphere as a multi sensorial, three dimensional room of experience, consisting of sound, light and movement that promotes the exceptional quality of deep relaxation, while being energising and inspiring at the same time.

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