In a figurative sense, UNDOPATHY means "healing ailments through vibrations" and refers to a new type of treatment for purging and relaxing the body. At Rogner Bad Blumau, we were the first to discover the potential of this method during a test phase in 2015 and have exclusively incorporated it into our programme. Our focus is especially on aspects that promote relaxation.

Consultation with Andreas Gamper 15 min

€ 20,00

Preliminary discussion, well-founded training and experience as well as attentiveness and sensitivity to our patients' needs – our health centre will take good care of you.

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Test treatment 10 min

€ 15,00

10-min vibration

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Undopathy vibration 25 min

€ 30,00

25-min vibration. Additional follow-up treatment • purification • release • regeneration.

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Undopathy combo 50 min

€ 85,00

25-min treatment and vibration as well as 25-min vibration • recommended as an initial treatment.

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Undopathy massage 50 min

€ 120,00

50-min treatment and vibration • for tensions and blockages.

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Our recommendation:

An individual consultation with our head of massage to suit your particular wants and needs combined with a 10 minuets undopathy test treatment.

Try undopathy & orientation meeting

€ 30,00

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