Our Vedic Master Anand

Acharya Umakant Semalty

Acharya Umakant Semalty was born on March 23rd 1979 in Dehradun in the Himalayas and comes from an aristocratic Brahmin family – his ancestors were advisors and astrologists for the kings of Tehri. Anand started school at the age of 3. His grandfather additionally taught him Jyotish (Vedic astrology) and he learned the art of palm reading from renowned traditional masters. Later, Anand studied at the university in Varanasi and is Shastri (MA) as well as Acharya (professor) of Vyakaran (Sanskrit grammar) and Veda (traditional holy scripture in India). He also studied Asana (body control), Pranayama (breathing technique), Dhyana (meditation) as well as Shrimat Bhagavatam (one of the most important texts in Hinduism).

Master Anand is a very experienced astrologist and has already made more than 6,000 horoscopes.

Yoga & Ayurveda

With our vedic master Anand.

•    welcome reception with Chai
•    4x 120 min Asana Practice and Pranayama
•    1x 90 min individual massage
•    Shatkarma: get to know the six cleaning systems of the body
•    closing reception with Chai

Dates: 6 - 8 july 2018, 24 - 26 august 2018, 21 - 23 september 2018
For hotel and spa guests.

Atma Yoga

€ 194.00

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Vedic wedding ceremony with Master Anand – Vedanga Vivaha

This tradition reaches back thousands of years and is thought to connect the bride and groom physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Vedic ritual comprises a fire ritual accompanied by Vedic mantras, the mutual giving of flower garlands and the special fire ceremony.

In a 30-minute preliminary talk, the true meaning of this traditional ritual will be explained thoroughly by the Master himself.

approx. 90 min

Price upon request

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Jyotish – traditional Vedic astrology

Jyotish is a more than 5-thousand-year old Indian science of astrology following the law of karma (law of action and reaction), which means that all future events originate from past and present actions. According to this law, your own personal destiny is not fixed but can be changed by certain actions. There is a strong connection between Jyotish and two other Vedic sciences: Ayurveda (Vedic knowledge of health) and Vatsu (Vedic knowledge of living and architecture). Health problems as well as energetic problems concerning your living and working environment can be detected by a Jyotishi (Vedic astronomer).

Pranayama – Vedic breathing exercises

Special Vedic breathing exercises activate energies that enable the body to heal itself. Learn different breathing techniques from our Master Anand.

Sports and recreation programme

Natal horoscope approx. 90 min

€ 140.00

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Question horoscope aprrox. 60 minutes

€ 95.00

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Annual horoscope ca. 60 min

€ 95.00

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Children horoscope approx. 40 min

€ 60.00

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Vedic palmistry approx. 90 min

€ 140.00

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