“Inside and outside are the same thing here!” Laura, age 9.

Rogner Bad Blumau

The rolling Styrian hills form a perfect backdrop to the unique Rogner Bad Bumau, one of the world’s most architecturally unusual hotels. Designed by famous Austrian artist Friedensreich
Hundertwasser, the patchwork, rainbow-coloured buildings are complemented by a sleek design inside the hotel. Rogner Bad Blumau is arranged like a city with various districts. The ring-shaped inside spa is the centre, the diverse accommodation, swimming, bathing and restaurant areas branch from the centre out into the open landscape.

Stammhaus (Main house)

The main house of Rogner Bad Blumau welcomes its guests with its distinctive Hundertwasser architecture. The colourful façade of this unique building creates just the right holiday mood.

It comprises 46 rooms, the hotel’s reception desk, and the main part of the administrative offices. The golden dome of this house is a typical feature of Hundertwasser’s architecture and brings luck to our guests.

Ziegelhaus (Brick house)

In the West of the “HügelWiesenLand” (Meadow Hills) – Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s name for the hilly landscape of Rogner Bad Blumau – you can find the brick house located on a gentle slope. The name derives from its striking façade as it was built mainly from bricks of old farmhouses in Bad Blumau. The 100 rooms of the brick house have direct access to all areas of the spa and its facilities through an extensive walkway system.

Steinhaus (Stone house)

With its comfortable suites, the beautiful stone house is the ideal place to relax. This building with a distinctive colourful stone façade hosts 45 suites with sizes ranging from 40m² to 95m² allowing plenty of space for around 150 hotel guests to enjoy their own individual holidays. The majority of the furnishings are from “Grüne Erde”.

Kunsthaus (Art house)

The façade of this stunning house was also designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and is architecturally based on the Hundertwasser museum in Vienna. It comprises 100 rooms which have direct access to all areas of the spa and its facilities through an extensive walkway system.

Augenschlitzhäuser (Slit-eye houses)

Named after their extraordinary shape, these apartments are smoothly arranged in terraces in complete harmony with the park landscape. 13 comfortably furnished apartments are located in 3 houses. Each apartment is equipped with a sleeping and living area and a kitchenette.

Waldhofhäuser (Forest yard houses)

If you are looking for an extra portion of tranquillity, you will find what you are looking for in these fascinating apartments. The most striking aspect of these houses designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser is that they are located underground and yet still offer a lot of light from the inner courtyard. Enjoy your own private spa in this unique accommodation – each apartment is equipped with a bathtub and a sheltered courtyard terrace.


This extraordinary Hundertwasser architecture makes this truly the most unique spa in Austria. Here, guests are greeted by an entrance of noble arches on their arrival.

This place is also home to various workshops (sewing, cooking and learning workshops).

A truly liveable work of art

A lively spot that combines landscape and architecture. there are no corners, edges or straight lines. Instead, there is the courage to create organic forms, colours, joy, and include the human dimension – a truly liveable work of art.



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