Here is everywhere

"Why look so far afield...

 ... when there is so much close at hand?"

From the North Sea to the South Sea

"Our sports pool is comparable to what is probably the most famous summer bathtub in Austria, Lake Wörthersee, and it has the same temperature even in March because of the energy surplus from the Vulkania® spring. Our wave pool can compete well with the Adriatic – including the popular waves. Or would you prefer it alternating between hot and cold? The Vulkania® is a truly unique experience. It is divided into the Vulkania® primordial sea and the Vulkania® lake. In the pools of the indoor and outdoor thermal bath you glide through the Indian Ocean as well as the South Sea. And you can cool down North Sea-like in the cold water pool of the sauna world. "

KR Robert Rogner 


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