Implementation of our philosophy


The grass roof

The grass roof epitomises the concept of natural hygiene – it cleans by filtration and regenerates the circuit with humus. Leftover soil from the construction period is used on the roofs and allows fresh forest and meadow air to replace cold concrete blocks.


The columns

In Hundertwasser’s philosophy of architecture, columns do not simply have a supportive function – they resemble trees growing out of the earth. Each column has its own individual character and identity, and even though they have similar aspects, no two are alike. In Rogner Bad Blumau there are 330 unique and colourful columns.


The straight line

Inspired by the rich ornamentation of Art Nouveau, the Persian miniatures, the paintings by Giotto and Uccello, Paul Klee and Rousseau, Hundertwasser came to the conclusion that these lively lines do not stem from the pen of a technical draftsman. He firmly believed that straight lines were thoroughly unhealthy. Straight floors, an invention of architects, break the natural relationship between nature and mankind. Uneven floors, however, rekindle this formerly lost relationship.


The colours and forms

“Paradise is not made of a random compilation of colours but distinct, creative colours. Colour is only the external appearance of wealth and prosperity. The more diverse the world is, the richer it is. And the closer it resembles paradise, where different things can coexist.”


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