Fancy some exercise?

Our competent team is available at all times for professional training. We look forward to tailoring your individual training programme to your personal needs and wishes.

Cycling tour

6 marked, car-free bike routes, for a total length of 118 km, will guide you to all the sights and attractions of Bad Blumau. The “Fantastic Tour” is marked with special signs and must be traveled clockwise. Bad Blumau is located right on the R12 cycle path (330km).

Bike and e-bike rental from April - September. Further information at our hotel reception.

Sports pool

The sports pool meets the regulations of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), making it suitable for competitions.

Smovey training

Smovey training awakens a new zest for life. A revolutionary fitness, motion and therapy device for swinging movements. Its versatility makes Smovey training suitable for almost all ages and target groups. The exercises specifically train balance, coordination and endurance, and gently strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Outdoor fitness course

Outdoor circuit training. Train outdoors with various training tools such as kettlebells, car tyres, TRX straps, battle rope, and more. This new and effective full-body training emphasises strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility, stability, speed and above all fun.

The group training sessions take place three times a week. External guests are also welcome to take a break from everyday life at Rogner Bad Blumau.

Personal training

Do you want to improve your running technique, lose excess pounds or strengthen your spine? Our personal trainers are there to provide support and advice and will show you exercises tailored to you to help you achieve your goals.

The gym

Perfect workouts in our gym. Endurance and strength training. Afterwards, you can relax in our spacious bathing, thermal and sauna complex.


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