Top quality. Regional. Fresh.

Eat when, where and how you like

In your dressing gown for a late breakfast after a lie-in. Styrian tapas for lunch. Traditional palatschinke pancakes in the afternoon. À la carte in the evening. Or get inspired at the buffet instead. Home‑made pasta specialities. Juicy steaks. Meat from the grill. Styrian specialities. Vegetarian, ayurvedic and vegan delights.


Surprisingly versatile

100 % regional with no bells and whistles, that's the motto of head chef Johann Schuster. As a holder of the Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism, the Rogner Bad Blumau is a pioneer in environmental protection and the sustainable use of resources. And this also applies to where our food comes from. To ensure we give our guests the best, the majority of our mostly organic food comes from local agricultural businesses.


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