Noticeably different.

Beneficial treatments

“Living in harmony with nature” is the motto of our cosmetics and our spa area. Our own homemade organic sun oil extracts with Damask roses and marigolds from our own field. Natural cosmetics that nourish and pamper. Many different combinations of massages and treatments – with holistic emphases – tailored to your needs, optionally with harmonising oils.

Total relaxation ∙ Placed on a pedestal ∙ Mindfulness and intuition ∙ Warmth ∙ Comfort ∙ Unique ∙ Noticeably different

Vulkania© skincare

The unique and beneficial minerals in Vulkania® curative spring water have been incorporated into a revitalising 24-hour facial treatment, foaming cleanser and refreshing toner. Exclusively developed in collaboration with Swiss natural cosmetics expert Farfalla. Pure, gentle, and highly effective. A dip in the Vulkania® Primordial Ocean leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Take this feeling home with you.

Green Luxury

Organic certified natural cosmetics that work.

Unique depth effect thanks to 100% aloe vera organic original juice instead of water in combination with precious healing, rejuvenating and regenerating plants.




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Yoga, water sports, cycling and a lot more – give your body the kind of physical exercise it needs.



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