Classic massages

Stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapotement and vibration. These are the 5 techniques of the classical massage, which are used in different phases of a massage due to their various effects.

Back · Abdominal · Leg · Reflexology · Body · Lymphatic drainage · Back and reflexology


Special massages

Coconut oil body massage · Anti-stress head, shoulder & neck massage · Anti-stress body massage · “Breuss” back massage · “Breuss” back massage and soft manual “Dorn” therapy · Herbal compress partial massage · Herbal compress body massage · Aroma candle partial massage · Hot stone body massage · Side-by-side massage · Back massage with Vulcanite mineral poultice


Individual massages

Wide-ranging combinations of massages and treatments – intentionally holistic with different focuses – personalized to meet your needs, with your choice of harmonizing oils.



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