Classic massages

Stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapotement and vibration. These are the 5 techniques of the classical massage, which are used in different phases of a massage due to their various effects.

Back · Abdominal · Leg · Reflexology · Body · Lymphatic drainage · Back and reflexology


Special massages

Coconut oil body massage · Anti-stress head, shoulder & neck massage · Anti-stress body massage · “Breuss” back massage · “Breuss” back massage and soft manual “Dorn” therapy · Herbal compress partial massage · Herbal compress body massage · Aroma candle partial massage · Hot stone body massage · Side-by-side massage · Back massage with Vulcanite mineral poultice


Individual massages

Wide-ranging combinations of traditional massages. Consciously holistic with specific focal points. Tailored to your needs. With hand crafted organic harmonizing oil extracts. Fragrant damask roses with rapeseed oil, healing marigold and sunflower oil are the ingredients of our organic harmonizing oil extracts, which are matured in glass demijohns, absorbing the heat of the sun and the power of our surroundings to become exquisite massage oils.



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