Special places

Peace and creative relaxation in one of the most unusual parks in Austria and all of Europe.

A colorful experience

When the outlines of golden domes, colored columns and facades emerge from the steam of hot springs and everyday life slips away from your shoulders, you have arrived in a fairy-tale world full of water and warmth. Dive into Hundertwasser’s vision of life in harmony with nature

ROGNERS Arche Noah rare trees garden

Together with Arche Noah society, Rogner Bad Blumau has established a garden with up to 200 rare species of trees. Lined with scented roses, shrubs and flowers, this is a place where you can get close to nature. The garden’s extraordinary and captivating design also includes quiet areas,
inspiring quotations and a historical fountain. And you’ll be able to sponsor a tree.

... because paradise is just around the corner.

The Geomantic path

The thermal springs of Blumau are located on highly sensitive ground, where a number of power points, centres of vital energy and natural intelligence can be found.

Garden of the 4 elements

The area surrounding the Vulkania® lake is also known as the garden of the four elements. The four elements are the source of all life. They keep human and nature in balance. According to the philosophy of living in harmony with nature, you can feel the elements of earth, fire, water and air in the entire facility and they merge into an artistic whole. In this special place the 4 elements - water, fire, air and earth - complement each other to form a unit.

The Celtic Tree Circle

Every guest at Rogner Bad Blumau has the chance to find their personal birthday tree and to get to know their own character traits in the thermal park. From identifying these traits and from the magical qualities of the trees, every human being can gain power and support to master all situations in life.

Love grows

As a sign of love more than 300 trees were planted at Rogner Bad Blumau.

Water goddess

Located in the visitor’s car park she can already be seen from far away at any time of the day or night. Artist André Heller’s gift honours the ecological commitment of his late friend and colleague Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

© Christian Thomaser

Visionaries Square

Rogner Bad Blumau, the world‘s biggest liveable work of art. Its symbiotic design merges people, water, nature and architecture into a harmonious whole. Hundertwasser‘s architecture was perfectly realised by KR Robert Rogner, with walkable green roofs that form an integral part of the landscape, uneven floors, bright colours, shapes and asymmetrical windows. A unique place, for unique people.
This square was created in honour of KR Robert Rogner and the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, by way of thanks from the community of Bad Blumau for their extraordinary vision.

Adventure trail "Zukunft spazierendenken"

Nature & culture adventure trail for the whole family. 12 stations invite in a playful form to participate.


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