Special massages

Detox face massage 30 min

€ 54,00

Purifying face drainage · Cleansing · Exfoliation · Purifying drainage · Finishing care

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Relaxation and moisturising care 30 min

€ 53,00

Warming or cooling facial massage · Cleansing · Exfoliation · Warm basalt stones or ice balls · Finishing care

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Anti-stress head, shoulder & neck massage 30 min

€ 56,00

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Anti-stress body massage 50 min

€ 81,00

Organic honey has a loosening effect, while special massage techniques relax the shoulder and neck area. The body massage includes facial and head massage.

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Herbal compress body massage 50 min

€ 89,00

Curative organic marigolds from our own gardens carefully tied to stamps, soaked in warm organic oil stimulate your circulation, relax your muscles, nourish and pamper your skin.

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Aroma candle partial massage 40 min

€ 71,00

Relaxing massage techniques for head and back as preparation for the cosy warmth of the aroma candles · Sandalwood-orange blossom- or almond-cedar wood-vanilla scent

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Coconut oil body massage 50 min

€ 81,00

Nurturing organic coconut oil and gentle hand techniques from head to toe.

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Hot Stone Massage 70 min

€ 106,00

Hot stones combined with precious oil loosen the muscles, release blockages and enable deep relaxation.

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Pharmos Natur - Partial body & massage ritual 40 min

€ 69,00

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Pharmos Natur - Full body & massage ritual 80 min

€ 129,00

Choose the duration, theme and focus of your massage. The highlight of each treatment is the application with the Aloe Vera fresh plant leaf. For her and him.

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Side-by-side massage

Enjoy precious time together with a relaxing coconut oil massage. And 1 bottle of SPArkling Rogner Bad Blumau Edition.

Side-by-side massage 50 min

for 2 people € 188,00

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Back massage and poultice 50 min

€ 73,00

Muscle relaxing poultice with salt, mud and Vulkania® curative waterr after the back massage.

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“Breuss” back massage 50 min

€ 84,00

Warm St. John’s wort oil and special massage techniques relax your muscles.

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“Breuss” back massage and soft manual “Dorn” therapy 60 min

€ 96,00

After the “Breuss” back massage, light pressure is applied to certain points to release blocked energy, making it flow again.

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